Hi, I’m Janelle Diethelm, a web designer and an art historian! Currently based in NYC, I’ve previously resided in the Bay Area, Europe, and the U.K. During my time in the U.K. I received my MFA in historical art markets and collecting trends, with a focus in late 19th century art dealers. Upon moving to NYC, I've worked at various organizations, such as The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Christie’s, and Dickinson.

Over the years I found myself drawn back to my tech based upbringing and began to teach myself to code. In 2019 I launched my web design business specializing in site designs for artists and art based businesses. Yet the art historical world would not let me go so easily. As we are all painfully aware the pandemic changed many parts of our lives, and I found a way to employ my archival research skills to remotely assist international academics who were no longer able to visit archives in NYC. I also launched The Curious Art Historian and The Boozy Art Historian as part of my ongoing art historical research hobbies.

Whether it be navigating ancient archival stacks in Florence, or cutting edge technology platforms, my clients find that passion and professionalism act as pillars in my work. Should you wish to hire me please click the button below to set up a time for us to discuss your project.